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    Today's BalTogs (Ballet Toggery) is regarded as a leader and innovator in the dance apparel industry. Headquartered in North Bergen, NJ, BalTogs creates clothing with distinctively unique style, while still adhering to the classic look of the modern dancer. As one of the last remaining domestic garment manufacturers in the United States, our company offers hundreds of styles of dancewear in dozens of fabrications and colors.

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    The BalTogs story began with humble beginnings with its founding in 1974, a time when the performance industry cried out for more affordable dance apparel. It was a time when the only available fabric was 100% Nylon. In its infancy, Baltogs slowly developed a small following, specializing in leotards, tights, unitards, skirts, leg warmers, tunics, and briefs.


    In the 1980's, however, the dance world experienced a revolution with the introduction of Milliskin, a Nylon/Lycra blend woven fabric developed by the Deerring-Milliken textile company. BalTogs, recognizing the innovation of a more breathable and pliable fabric, transitioned all its products into this new fabrication and started offering a large variety of colors. It was also at this time that the "Jazzercise" craze swept through the nation. Bright colored tights with contrasting briefs was the only way to work-out, and most of the country was wearing Baltogs.

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    By the 1990's, BalTogs started to see a decline in the demand for traditional dancewear and decided to adapt to this new environment. Dance began to go "street," which led the way to the introduction of our "Jazz Pant." With performers such as Liza Minnelli exclusively wearing BalTogs Jazz Pants, BalTogs was considered one of the forefathers of this new sleek versatile style.

    But for BalTogs it wasn't enough, and the company began to explore new avenues to broaden its range. In the 2000's, we became a "You Want It? We'll Make It!" company, with the creation of our BT Design Center, a division of BalTogs that specializes in custom orders.

    Today, BalTogs still upholds the tradition of the classic cut and sew American factory. With a large workforce of seamstresses and tailors, BalTogs continues to be a veritable force in the industry, creating dance apparel, sportswear, team wear, colorguard uniforms and costumes without limitations.